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pressure washing

Make the outside of your house look clean. Get rid of stained and dirty concrete driveways and patios. You can rent a pressure washer from a rental company or if a friend has one borrow it for a weekend. Remember different size pressure washers and different tips have have a stronger and weaker spray. When using one for the first time you need to test it out on an area that wont be noticed and hold it a couple of feet away from what you are spraying off.  A pressure washer can damage and tear up surfaces if held too close.20160327_165545 20160327_164652

Home Owners and Buyers Fall Preparation

To save on energy heating your house and stopping drafts make sure all of your storm windows are down and not the screens. Also put the glass back in your screen door, or pull it down to give you extra insulation from the cold and wind. Making sure you do this every fall when the temp. drops will save on your wallet!