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pressure washing

Make the outside of your house look clean. Get rid of stained and dirty concrete driveways and patios. You can rent a pressure washer from a rental company or if a friend has one borrow it for a weekend. Remember different size pressure washers and different tips have have a stronger and weaker spray. When using one for the first time you need to test it out on an area that wont be noticed and hold it a couple of feet away from what you are spraying off.  A pressure washer can damage and tear up surfaces if held too close.20160327_165545 20160327_164652

Repair what is damaged

Make sure that there are no major repairs left to be done anywhere in the house prior to organizing home buyer visits. Even cosmetic ones should be fixed if they are visible. Before putting the house on the market for sale, the client is advised to do a walk-through with their Real Estate Agent and thoroughly inspect the property. You want to avoid showing off a property with patch marks on the walls, a toilet that keeps running, a gutter that is falling down or a water stain on the  ceiling.

Home Owners and Buyers Tips

A DIY tip for the new year: make sure a water problem can be stopped quickly simply by showing the family members where all the water shutoffs are located, and how to turn them off in case of a minor or major leak. If needed make a simple diagram of where they are and what they shut off. Remember a little leak could cause a lot of damage by the time someone gets there to fix it!