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Dear Prospective Homeowners:

    It is my immense pleasure to recommend Adam Showalter as a real estate agent for any individual or family real estate sale or purchase. I am Active Duty Military and had spent the majority of my career living in government owned housing with the exception of one tour of duty where we we’re forced to rent. Our experience in the real estate market was minimal and my family and I were unsure of how to start the process of buying our first home. I received Military Orders to a new station in Northern Ohio and since we were originally from the area, we decided to establish roots for our family and purchase our first home. Living in another state and with the demanding schedule of my job we knew that the process was going to be challenging. My schedule kept me out to sea for weeks at a time with minimal days in port. This was going to make touring homes for sale extremely difficult since traveling to Northern Ohio with only a few available days off work was not going to be possible. We had been doing some research online and found a newly listed home that met our family’s needs. This listing had a showing the upcoming weekend which we knew we could not attend due to that amount of travel required. Knowing that similar homes in this area had sold very quickly, we made our initial contact with Adam and requested his assistance.

    From the beginning, Adam was eager to help. We explained our unusual circumstance and discussed ways to proceed. We did have family in the area that could tour the home in our absence, but Adam went one step further and provided us with a tour of the home via live video. He took time focusing on everything we wanted to see and provided the best possible tour without actually being present at the home. Adam was upfront with us about the home being a Short Sale and all the difficulties and delays that can arise during a Short Sale purchase. My family and I agreed that the home was exactly what we we’re looking for and with the time we had before we were going to be moving, the delay in closing because of it being a Short Sale wasn’t going to be a major issue. While making an offer or purchasing a home without actually seeing the home in person is not normally recommended, Adam made us feel like we were actually there the entire time. Later that night, Adam assisted us in making an offer.

    Due to this home being a Short Sale, we knew there would be some issues with how negotiable the seller’s lenders would be and the delays in closing that would arise. Adam was upfront about every possible situation that could, and eventually in our case would, arise. The initial offer was denied without a counter offer. We submitted a second offer and were counter offered with the lowest amount the seller’s lender would accept and all of the requirements that they had. None of these requirements seemed reasonable but they were exactly as Adam had discussed with us in a worst case scenario. It was just unfortunate that it was the worst case scenario. While the amount and requirements were still reasonable and similar to other homes in the area that had recently sold, it was not what we had hoped for. Adam negotiated better than I had ever expected but the seller’s lenders would not budge. We eventually agreed to the terms of the counter offer and entered contract to purchase the home.

     Over the next few weeks, Adam took take of everything we needed to complete from the paperwork to scheduling the home inspections. Due to being a VA loan, Adam scheduled two home inspections and took care of everything required to keep the purchase on schedule. He organized every aspect of the purchase. One of the requirements set by the seller’s lender was to close very quickly with a date that would be sooner than that of a normal home purchase. Adam ensured we would meet this requirement ahead of schedule. While waiting for our closing date to arrive, we meet yet another setback. The seller’s lender was not going to meet their own closing date that they had required of us in the contract. Adam spent countless hours working with them and the seller’s agent to get us a new closing date and again verified that all paperwork was accurate and completed on our end. Once again, Adam met this requirement and worked with our lender to schedule the date, time, and location in North Carolina where we could complete all closing paperwork and purchase our home.

    The closing and title paperwork went flawlessly. After the completion of the paperwork and the home was officially ours, Adam wouldn’t stop ensuring everything was in order for my family to move in without me there. For almost a week after the purchase until my family arrived, he would continuously check on the house ensuring it was clean and ready for arrival. Since it was during an extremely cold winter month, Adam would ensure the heat and thermostats were set to my request and that everything stayed in a working order. Even after my family arrived and our household items arrived, he continued to check in on my family to ensure they had everything they needed exceeding all expectations anyone would have of their Real Estate Agent.

    Once again I would never recommend purchasing a home site unseen but would make one exception to that recommendation. Adam made me feel that I was there the entire time and if anyone would purchase a home site unseen, ensure it with Adam as their agent and representative. I am pleased to recommend Adam Showalter to anyone looking to buy or sell a home. His attention to detail and knowledge is hands down the best in the business in my opinion and if I ever need to move again he will be our first and only choice in real estate agents. If you want to discuss my experience in more detail please feel free to contact me at 419-349-6734 or by email at bkcoast381@yahoo.com.

Best wishes,

Bryan M Kaseman
Chief Petty Officer, USCG

There are times and situations that you go through in your life that you want to have someone by your side that you can trust. My family and I went through such a time a couple of years ago as we found ourselves going through a huge transition in our lives and we needed to sell our home quickly. Luckily for us, Adam Showalter was there right by our side as we walked through the process of selling our home for the first time.

From the outset, Adam was there walking through our house giving us suggestions on what to repair or update and tips on what we could do to improve the chances of selling our home and getting the most money. One of the most impressive things about Adam was his awareness of the market. We discussed with him the asking price and the price point, we wanted for our house. He gave us his opinion and even shared with us what he thought the house would sell for, but in the end, he left the decision entirely up to us. Inevitably, when the bank appraisal came back from the buyers bank, it was the exact amount that Adam had said initially. We were under contract within a week of putting our house on the market, but just because we were in contract Adam didn’t stop working for us or with us. He continually was there to offer his advice and expertise as the negotiations continued until our closing date. Even after we had closed, Adam was still there to answer any questions and assist in any way possible until we moved out.

I would highly recommend Adam to anyone without reservation! He is one of the hardest working realtors I have ever met. Whether you are buying or selling he will go above and beyond to ensure that you get the best deal possible. If you want your house to sell quickly, or you are buying a home, Adam Showalter is the best realtor in the area, and I can promise that you will not be disappointed with him as your realtor.

Tim Smelcer

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